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This is Francis John's take on the classic SPOM, modified to fit in a four-tile high area.

Atmo sensor, upper (hydrogen): above 750

Atmo sensor, lower (oxygen): above 450

​Note: use gold (or better) for things can can overheat. The upper section can be fully enclosed, the hydrogen cools the top level.

A not on sources: the SPOM was first introduced to the world by QuQuasar in a post on Klei's forums. Francis John noted that the design shown here was inspired by a version he saw Cryptic Fox build.

Design by Francis John

Source: "Electrolyzer, SPOM, O2, Oxygen: Tutorial nuggets : Oxygen not included", by Francis John. Available at:, accessed 12 August, 2020

For an introduction to how the SPOM works, see:

Oxygen: To know the SPOM is to love the SPOM

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