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The Complete Beginner's Completely Incomplete Guide to Oxygen Not Included


This guide is still a work in progress; a pet project I come back to every now and then. If you have the time, let me know what you think. Was some section difficult to understand? Is there some topic you hope to see added to the guide? That kind of stuff.

I enjoy watching YouTube videos by people who figure out how to make games do unintended things. But as a gamer I'm boring and don't usually do things that feel exploit-y. Since I only cover things in the guide that I myself use or have used, I won't be adding such things to the guide. (This doesn't mean I don't think people should use those mechanics. I think people should play the game however they enjoy it the most.)

You can reach me at somerandomfinn[at] or using the form below. The form is a completely anonymous way to reach out - I will only get the information you enter into it, nothing else.

Guide feedback
Have you been playing Oxygen Not Included for long?



Every now and then someone wonders if the guide is still in development. Which, given that the game mechanics can change with new updates, is a very relevant question.

I still play the game and test new updates and features. There are new additions to the game that I don't cover in the guide, but there haven't been any changes to the game that would have caused the stuff that is in the guide to be misleading or incorrect.

The guide is still a work in progress. Once I am done adding new content I will go over the whole thing and rewrite and tweak as needed.

Regarding the "is this still in development" question, I'll keep a tab here of when it was last updated. (Then I just have to remember to update this part...)

  • The guide was last updated in: September 2023.


This is a site by an Oxygen Not Included fan for other Oxygen Not Included fans. I am not interested in including sponsored blogs or ads. If you are looking for sites to pitch that kind of stuff to, please look elsewhere.



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